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About Us :: Academic Informaion

East Airport International School (EAIS) is a co-educational institution which admits children from age three.
At EAIS we aim to meet educational, personal and social needs of all children in the school. We do this by instilling self belief and confidence in our children, this in turn enables them to embrace learning opportunities and challenges with a positive attitude. By discovering children’s talents and building their confidence we prepare them for the academic opportunities they will meet in a fast changing world when they leave formal education.

At EAIS we recognize the importance of the foundation years to the long term academic success of our children, for this reason we ensure an ongoing collaboration between the Nursery and Reception classes and Key Stage One (Year One and Two). This is best demonstrated by the emphasis placed on developing skills in subject areas such as Literacy and Numeracy as well as Visual Perception and colouring skills which helps to develop their interest in Science and other observational subjects.

Children join Reception Class from age 4+. We have a modern curriculum that offers the opportunity to combine an academic education with the fun of Creative Arts. Great emphasis is placed on the curriculum, and the children are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding required for Key Stage One. All children are treated as individuals; their strengths as well as areas of challenges are assessed for further development within their school activities.

EAIS is a centre accredited to prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations. These include the renowned Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP).
The CIPP from the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) develops English, Mathematics and Science skills in young children across the world. It gives your child excellent preparation for secondary education.  The programme progresses students seamlessly into middle years curricula such as Cambridge Checkpoint and IGCSE.
The programme is designed for children aged 5 – 11; the primary programme provides learning objectives for each year of your child’s primary education (Year 1 – 6).
Children in Year 1 – 5 write progression tests which give teachers invaluable information to help guide children in the following year.
In year 6, children write the Cambridge International Achievement Test. All students are issued with a Primary Certificate of Cambridge International Examinations.

Secondary School begins at Year Seven and continues up to pre-university.
In Year 9, students in EAIS write Cambridge Checkpoint (In May/June) which affords students transferrable indication of their academic progress. The Checkpoint is available in English, Mathematics and Science.

With the solid Foundations provided in the early years and sustained at subsequent levels throughout the school, there is no doubt that students at EAIS are on track to do very well in their IGCSE, as well as ‘AS’ and A Levels.