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Admissions :: Requirement/Procedure

1. With the exception of Nursery and Reception which are entry points, admission into all other classes depends on space availability.

2. Pick a form at the school office. At the moment online application is not available.

3. The application fee is GH¢ 80.00 and it is mandatory and non-refundable.

4. Complete and submit the completed form to the school’s office. The completed form should be accompanied by:

a. copy of the applicant’s birth certificate,

b. a recent passport-sized photo,

c. reports of the last 3 terms or IGCSE final result for 6th Form applicants.

5. Candidates are required to take placement test on a set date. The admissions committee will convene and decide on the selection of students. Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview. They are to be accompanied by at least one parent / guardian. Parents will be informed on the outcome shortly, about one week, if their ward has been accepted or not.

6. Students who are not required to sit an entrance exam are only those who have written the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam.

7. All other pupils / students with other qualifications need to sit an entrance exam. They are tested on:

• Nursery - Colouring and oral expression

• Reception - Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics & Visual Perception

• Year 1 - 3 - Literacy & Numeracy

• Year 4 – 6 - Literacy, Numeracy & Science

• Year 7, 8, 9, 10 &12 - English, Maths and Science

8. There is no admission of students into Year 11 and 13, unless they are coming from similar academic programme.

9. Completed form should be received at the school at least 2 days before placement test date.

10. The school’s reception is open from 7:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.